Packing Pictures and Framespacking tips

  • Select a Medium or Large Picture/Mirror box from Pak N Box, LLC.
  • Keep the box flat or if the box has already been put together, break it apart.
  • Tape one end of the box securely with packing tape.
  • Place the picture in it's frame flat on an oversized piece of bubble wrap.
  • Wrap the picture in the bubble wrap as you would if you were wrapping it to give as a present. Secure with packing tape.
  • Slide the picture into the opening of the box. Seal the end securely with packing tape.
  • Mark the outside of the box, on both sides, "Fragile" and its location; living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc...
  • Pack pictures on their edges and in a place where they won't fall over. Wedge them between heavy objects that will not shift during the move.